Subject RE: [firebird-support] UTF8, embedded server and LLBLGen
Author Dan Haughey
Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your help. I have included those files - but have also just this
minute figured out the problem. It seems to lie in the constructor for
FbParameter that LLBLGen uses. All but one of the constructors for
FbParameter return a parameter whose Charset property is set to
FbCharset.Default - but in one, this property is not set so defaults to

The constructor in question is FbParameter(string parameterName, FbDbType
dbType, int size, ParameterDirection direction, bool isNullable, byte
precision, byte scale, string sourceColumn, DataRowVersion sourceVersion,
object value).

Adding an extra line in the source of LLBLGen to set this parameter fixes
this problem.

This seems like a bug in the .NET provider. How would I go about getting
this investigated/fixed?

Many thanks,

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Sent: 23 August 2007 13:23
Subject: Re: [firebird-support] UTF8, embedded server and LLBLGen


did you install the icu*.dll files? These are important and may not be
left out, even for a minimal Embedded installation.
Leaving them away also drove me nuts some months ago ...

If you didn't and you created your database schema without them, you
will have to build it up again because your fields will have wrong
character sets.

Best Regards


> Hi,

> I am developing an application that has both an online and offline
> version. The online version connects to a remote Firebird server, and
> the offline version uses the embedded engine. I am using LLBLGen Pro
> 2.0 as a data access layer, and a UTF8 database. The online version
> handles UTF8 characters correctly, but the offline version (using
> exactly the same database) throws an error about a malformed string.

> Any help would be appreciated before I go insane!

> Thanks,
> Dan

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