Subject [firebird-support] Re: FB 2.0.1 CpuAffinity
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
> --- In, "technisoft2005" wrote:
> After making some proper time comparisons it turns out that it was all
> a figment of their imagination. Surprising what whichful thinking for
> more speed can do.
> I have concluded that the customers problem is a major hardware or
> software problem orginating somehwere else as certain operations on my
> 2Ghz notebook run about 10 times faster than on his 3.2Ghz machine with
> otherwise similar specs. Hyperthreading is also disabled in the BIOS.
> Peter Reber
> Technisoft

Hi Peter!

The speed difference between your notebook and his server could be due to different PLANs (just prepare statements to compare) or one or more long running transactions (check the statistics and see if next transaction is close to oldest (active) transaction). Transferring over a network could of course also be a bottleneck.

Just to name a few possibilities if you haven't checked them already.


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