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Author chee hee
I have two intentions over here:
1) My window will have 2 tabs. Main tab is to display details which coming from main table. Second tab is to display picture or memo. Only when user clicks on second tab then only I select from the separate BLOB table using the main ID. Most of the time user will not go into second tab.

2) I would assume this design will have benefit of more compact data storage on the data page. I am not 100% sure on this one :)


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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Table Design Involving BLOB


> I have few tables which have data from hundred thousand of records to
millions of records.
> All these tables either have BLOB subtype 0 or 1.
> My question is there any benefit to move these BLOB columns out of the
main tables?

None, there could be some benefit, but only if you do SELECT * always, which
you shouldn't
be doing anyway.

> For example, I will create 2 respective BLOB tables (one table for BLOB
subtype 0 and another table for BLOB subtype 1).
> And this BLOB table will only have 2 columns (ID and BLOB) and the ID will
point back to main tables.
> Any comment of the above design?

What's your intention?

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