Subject FB 2.0.1 CpuAffinity
Author technisoft2005
I have a customer who complained about the speed of the system, both
on the Fileserver, which also serves as a workstation as well as the
networked workstations.
I am not sure whether the speed complaints started to surface
before or after upgrading them to FB 2.0

Uncommenting the CpuAffinity=1 line in the FB configuration and then
restarting the FB server seemed to make a substantial difference and
he is now a much happier customer.
My business partner then made the same change on his desktop machine
and also reported and increase in speed on his system.

According to the comments the setting should default to 1 but maybe
it does not, resulting in the known problems with multi-processor

FB 2.0 (I think it is 2.0.1, but can't check that right now)
Windows XP

Does the above ring a bell with someone?

Peter Reber