Subject Re: Blob Parsing Stored Procedure
Author lucas_jessee
I am talking about renaming the fbembed.dll to gds32.dll. When I do
this I then specify a local path (C:\Databases\mydb.fdb) rather than
the traditional ( remote path.
Though you bring up a good point...everywhere I've read that gds32.dll
is for "old driver" support or for "legacy" support. However, I'm
using the latest version of the ODBC driver and the latest version of
Firebird. Why do I have to use gds32.dll?

As far as using this method for deployment alone, I find that is a
risk I cannot take. Many development issues came up just in the
connection differences between the embedded method and the remote
method (for instance, I can't format the dbname as
localhost:C:\Databases\mydb.fdb, so I had to rewrite my connection
string function). Also, I never would have noticed the exceptions I
get when using this method if I hadn't tested it out well in advance.

Unfortunately I cannot use a solution like, as I must be able
to easily port this to use other databases, hence using ODBC.

I will repost to the ODBC list and approach my question in a different
manner. Perhaps I will provide a simple application.


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 10:33 PM 5/07/2007, Luke wrote:
> >Helen, I don't doubt that my performance issues may be caused by the
> >ODBC driver itself.
> I doubt it.
> >The driver seems to have a problem with Embedded Databases.
> What do you think of as "embedded databases"? Maybe this is the
> thing you need to sort out first....Firebird on Windows doesn't have
> "embedded databases". What it does have is a client with a
> single-user server instance embedded in it. In order to use it, you
> have to rename the DLL (fbembed.dll) to fbclient.dll, or to gds32.dll
> if you are using an old driver version. You must also take care to
> have a correct folder structure for your application and the pieces
> of the embedded server.
> From a programmatic point of view, there is no difference between
> using the embedded server and the full Superserver on Windows, other
> than the connection protocol. Indeed, the embedded server is for
> deployment only. Application work should be done using the regular
> client library and the full server, to avoid access conflicts when
> trying to execute from your IDE.
> Have you considered asking a suitably informative question on the
ODBC list?
> Another thing you might consider is abandoning ODBC and using IBPP
> ( . You might find it is more sympathetic to your style
> of development and it has its own users' listserv.
> >I will continue to try to get those guys to answer my questions and
> >follow up.
> Your original message to the ODBC list was posted June 8 and nothing
> since. Four weeks is a lot of elapsed time in listserv terms...find
> a better way to ask your questions and try again.
> ./heLen