Subject Blob Parsing Stored Procedure
Author lucas_jessee
Hello all,
I've got a lot of small inserts to do and its just taking much longer
than I'm willing to wait for (even with an embedded DB). Basically
these inserts are small records (roughly 4 BIGINT's) that have a FK to
another larger table.

If I'm reading everything correctly, Firebird does NOT support bulk
inserts and anything close to it is kind of a hack. I was able to
create a stored procedure that took 10x the parameters and did 10
inserts at once. I saw a decent performance gain from this.

What I would really like to do is to send a single BLOB to a stored
procedure. This blob would be a Binary data structure that would
contain N 32 byte blocks for this example. The first 32 byte block
would be the first 4 BIGINT's to insert into the table, the second
would be the next 4 BIGINT's, etc.

Can a stored procedure be written to parse the blob in this manner?
Basically I want to pass in an arbitrarily sized blob (I can pass in
size as a parameter also if necessary...) and break it up into the 8
byte blocks (32 bytes per row = 8bytes * 4 values) that actually
represent the data to be stored in the database.

OR - Can I pass in the values as text and parse it in the same manner.
I could convert the 64bit numbers to 20 bytes of text and grab the
numbers off in 20 byte chunks if necessary.

Thanks in advance,