Subject Re: Store large amount of Binary Data in FB
Author yogiyang007
--- In, Fulvio Senore <mailing@...>
> Rick Debay ha scritto:
> > I don't know if Subversion can use anything but BerkelyDB for its
> > backend, yet. If anyone knows, please post as we'd like to move
off of
> > CVS as soon, and use Subversion ourselves for documents.
> >
> Subversion can also use a file-based repository structure that does not
> need BerkelyDB. I am using it and it is working well.
> I switched from CVS a pair of years ago and I am very satisfied:
> Subversion is a much better solution.
> Fulvio Senore
Can I store other information along with the documentation like who
created the document, when the document was first added to the
software, when was the document revised, who has extracted the
document and how many times, etc. etc.?