Subject fb_lock_mgr segfault every 5 minutes
Author wobbleian
We are having a problem with a segfault every 5 minutes - using AMD64,
Ubuntu 7.04, classic 1.5.3.

In the comments from Ubuntu we have some source code differences to
the regular release including:

* For classic, fb_lock_mgr, the lock manager, is built with
-DTERMINATE_IDLE_LOCK_MANAGER option to avoid leaving stale processes
on build machines. This option causes fb_lock_mgr to terminate after
5 minutes of inactivity.

However, even with activity we get the segfault every 5 minutes.

This is currently being observed on a development server, but its twin
was installed last month as a production server due to go live asap
and it is showing the same symptoms.

I havent been able to confirm if this is causing any other problems -
we are currently testing this with "select cast('now' as timestamp)
from rdb$database;" and the query always succeeds.

Should I be worried about this?

Should I be raising this on an Ubuntu forum?