Subject Re: Store large amount of Binary Data in FB
Author yogiyang007
> I wouldn't bother.
> If you can find a simple and efficient method of compressing the
> blobs it migth be worth considering. I haven't seen anything that
> compresses "compressed tiff" in a significant way. However,
> manipulating the images when you store them will make you do some
> work at retrieval time - you may lose some convenience (e.g. data
> aware controls)
I have come to know of a Wavelet compression for Images. It really
does a splendid job of reducing image size to a fraction of what is
possible with JPEG format also. There is a good C/C++ lib. for this at do check it out. I use an ActiveX from a Brazilian
company which has stopped developing this ActiveX any more which will
load any image and save it to a it's own modified Wavelet format.

I am currently experimenting with Pegasus ImageXpress 8. It has got
it's own proprietory image compression along with password protection
and can be bound to a data source for automatic retrieval and update
of images. Do check it out.

hope this helps.