Subject Re: Store large amount of Binary Data in FB
Author psantosl

As some of you already know "we" ( use Firebird
as database backend for Plastic SCM version control system. We store
*everything* on Firebird databases with very good performance.

Our largest test using an embedded Fb database (on windows) reached
100GB with almost no performance hit...

Plastic is *FREE* for OSS projects.

We've just implemented SQL Server backend due to customer's requests
and, to be honest, it can't compare to the good old Fb. SQLS keeps
locking until you install version 2005... crazy!

Performance? Well, Plastic is about three times faster than SVN
doing forced update (which means downloading "everything") and
slower just finding changes (although is already fixed won't be
released yet... testing cycle... you know :-P). Checking in big
files is also much, much faster in Plastic...

You may be thinking now: why on earth are you storing even file
content inside a database? Well, we full "transactional support" by
default, which is a cool feature for a version control system... And
about reliability? Well, I can tell you we've never (NEVER) lost
data or had a corrupted repository, not even months before our first
official release when the project was yet at its infancy...



--- In, "Rick Debay" <rdebay@...>
> Use open source Subversion for personal document management
> TortoiseSVN, Windows Explorer client for Subversion
> RapidSVN, cross-platform client for Subversion
> ViewCVS, Web application for browsing Subversion and CVS
> Testimonial for Subversion and TortiseSVN (windows front end for
> subversion)
> I don't know if Subversion can use anything but BerkelyDB for its
> backend, yet. If anyone knows, please post as we'd like to move
off of
> CVS as soon, and use Subversion ourselves for documents.
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> Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Store large amount of Binary Data
in FB
> > > I am trying to create a software in which all the
> > > that
> > are generated in our organization should be stored.
> >
> > Don't reinvent the wheel. Find an existing document management
> > system, and install it with Firebird as its database.
> agreed - use Subversion! it's made specifically for such a task.
> Alan
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