Subject Problems installing FirebirdDDEXProvider 2.0.1
Author sstdenis0
After installing FirebirdDDEXPRrovider 2.0.1, whenever I try to enter
something in the Add Connection Dialog Box after specifying Firebird as
my Data Source the Dialog Box closes with no messages. I tried to
create the connection programmatically, but the only method available is
FbDataConnectionUIControl which has no ConnectionString property.

I have the VisualStudio 2005 SDK, so I first tried it with the
PackageLess reg file and then the regular reg file (after cleaning the
registry, GAC and machine.config file). I made sure the machine.config
file had the public key from the GAC for the installed

I have seen in other newsgroups that other people had the same problem
with the Dialog Box closing, but no solution was posted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Stephen St. Denis

Statistics Canada

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