Subject Re: New User
Author Adam
--- In, "mario38rome" <marlan@...> wrote:
> I am totally new to Firebird_2_0, I am trying to use this program with
> IBExpert, when I set up on a local server I get the following message:-
> Attempting to connect to:
> C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Music.mdb
> Connecting... Failed!
> ------------------------------------
> Connection authorization failure.
> database.
> Attempting to connect to services manager... Passed!
> Disconnecting from database... Passed!
> How can Access not be a valid database?

It is a misleading message, but that is because you seem to be
presuming databases are like JPG images, a series of bytes that any
Image Editor can work with.

MDB is a proprietry file format for Microsoft Access. Music.mdb may
well be a valid Access database, but Firebird doesn't understand how
that file structure is layed out.

Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostreSQL, Firebird are all database
engines, but none of them share the same file format. You can't just
take an Oracle database and connect to it using MySQL (in fact MySQL
has multiple file formats depending on your storage engine).

You should also understand that there are different levels of
databases, from simple 'desktop' databases like Paradox or Access
through to enterprise databases. Access is fine for mail merged
addresses, but you would not want to hit it with 100 concurrent users
reading and writing different pieces of information to a 5GB database.

The main thing RDBMS have in common is how you interact with them
using SQL. Theoretically, you could 'pump' the data from Access to
Firebird (although there are a couple of types with no simple match,
like boolean that you will need to work through first).

If you are new to Firebird, you should read the Quick Start Guide from
the Firebird website (or your docs folder under Firebird). If you are
looking for a reference volume for firebird, 'The Firebird Book' by
Helen Borrie certainly gets a good workout in this office.