Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird V1.0 crash in strlen called from isc_dsql_prepare_m
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:30 AM 26/06/2007, you wrote:
>I have now reproduced this crash while gathering snoop of all
>traffic on port 3050 on the server (this includes traffic from the 2
>client machines I had doing database read operations, but not
>transactions coming from the client process that runs on the server
>itself). I have included a summary of this below, please let me
>know if another format would be better.
>Any insight that you can provide into what feature of my client
>requests are triggering the crash would be greatly appreciated!

The database engine doesn't control the network interface, it merely
uses it as a transport, so all this snoop output is really a haystack
in which to lose the needle.

In this posting you don't mention anything about 'strlen', yet your
Subject suggests you have some exception message (in interbase.log?)
relating to strlen.

'strlen' is a UDF, found in the library ib_udf. Could it be that you
have a corrupt version of this library? or that the loaded instance
of it is getting corrupted? or that you have a "roll-your-own"
version of this UDF that is causing the server to crash? or that you
have this UDF declared in your database without the FREE_IT parameter?

If you want to explore down this path, get hold of the original zip
or tar kit for Fb 1.0.3 (depending on platform) and extract
ib_udf.dll (or, if the platform is Linux) and try just
replacing it. You'll need to have the service stopped in order to do the swap.