Subject Re: Firebird V1.0 crash in strlen called from isc_dsql_prepare_m
Author tomprice9876

> What release of v1.0 are you using?
> Why aren't you running later version (1.5, 2.0)?

I'm not sure exactly which release it is, do you know of an easy way
to find out? I am not using a later version because we haven't yet
done the development work to port our installation scripts (etc.) to
the new installation paths and executable names in V1.5, and I cannot
get V2.0 to compile under Solaris.

The reason that I am slightly reluctant to do the work on our
installation scripts is that this crash has only started happening
since an upgrade of our client code so I think that changing back
whatever we inadvertantly changed about our queries will be easier
than upgrading. If that doesn't turn out to be the case then
upgrading Firebird is an option, however if it's not going to solve
the issue then it may be a waste of time...