Subject RE: [firebird-support] Failed restore
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:21 PM 6/06/2007, you wrote:

> > Brenden Walker
> > >
> > > What size is the FDS.GDB at this point? What type of file
> > system is
> > > on this particular HD?
> > Bob Murdoch:
> > The file size of the incompletely restored file is 43GB. The
> > file system is NTFS. The size of the database has grown
> > approximately 300MB since the last good restore (on Friday).
> > Brenden Walker
>Have you checked the HD for errors? The only time I've seen the kinda
>error your reporting is when the filesize exceeds the capabilities of
>the filesystem or firebird version (I think 1.5.1 couldn't do > 4gig
>even on NTFS). That doesn't appear to be the problem in your case.

Not all NTFS partitions are created equal. If the NTFS partition was
created under NT 4, it will have a 4 gig limit. The no-limit NTFS
partition didn't arrive until NT 5. It's not unusual for "spare
servers" to be the walking dead, after all.

Also - I've seen such phenomena, even on NT5 partitions, when the
disk is in the process of dying. A full scan would at least
eliminate this as a possible problem...