Subject RE: [firebird-support] Failed restore
Author Bob Murdoch
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> Not all NTFS partitions are created equal. If the NTFS partition was
> created under NT 4, it will have a 4 gig limit. The no-limit NTFS
> partition didn't arrive until NT 5. It's not unusual for "spare
> servers" to be the walking dead, after all.
> Also - I've seen such phenomena, even on NT5 partitions, when the
> disk is in the process of dying. A full scan would at least
> eliminate this as a possible problem...

This occurs on two separate servers (the production and the secondary server). Both are raid 5 with 3 scsi drives in the array. Both were built from the ground up with W2k3 server.

I'll have the help desk walk by the boxes and see if the red light is on any of the drives.


Bob M..