Subject Failed restore
Author Bob Murdoch
I am using FB 1.5 Classic on Win2003 Server. Each night we have an automated process that runs on a different Win2003 server that backs up the production database to a backup file on this secondary server. After a successful backup, the secondary server attempts to restore the database to a local file.

Originally we did the backup/restore on the production server. However, since the production database is about 45GB, the backup/restore window overlaps the start of the workday, affecting production performance. Therefore, we moved the process to the secondary server, with the only network overhead occurring the backup process.

Over the last three nights, we have received an error message when the restore is nearly complete. The error message from this morning was:

gbak: cannot commit index PK_REPORT_USER_PARAMS
gbak: ERROR: Error while trying to read from file
gbak: ERROR: Reached the end of the file.
gbak: ERROR: action cancelled by trigger (3) to preserve data integrity
gbak: ERROR: Cannot deactivate primary index
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

The error always mentions an index, but usually a different one each time.

The FB temp folder is set to the same drive that the backed-up database is stored on. This drive has 280GB free, so I don't believe the error is due to an out of disk space condition.

Can anyone shed some light as to what may be occurring here?


Bob M..