Subject Re: Compile Firebird in C / Linux
Author Milan Babuskov
--- stephen4css wrote:
> 1. One page of instructions (it may literally be one line)
> on how to compile to executable in a current Linux
> 2. A 'Hello World" example using the employee.fdb example database.
> 3. A single command (make/configure) that would compile all the
> download example code to executable (in Linux).
> For now, could someone please show me (anywhere on the web)

As already noted, IBPP is a better way to go than C API. It's less
error prone. Most of the people who use C API acutally write their own
IBPP-like interface and use that in applications.

Another upside is that it comes with test suite that you can compile
with simple:


So, download and unpack IBPP (it unpacks to current directory!). Then
simply go to the tests/unixes directory and type make.

There is also a good "hello world" kind of example here:

just skip the beginning and take a look at step 4.

Milan Babuskov