Subject RE: [firebird-support] Compile Firebird in C / Linux
Author Peter Turner
I whole heartedly agree with the IBPP suggestion. While I'm currently
developing in Windows, the same "interface" requirements apply. As part
of the IBPP "stuff", there's a test suite, tests.cpp, which not only
verifies that the IBPP (and consequently the database) are working, but
also provides a sample of just about every type of function/interface
that the majority of users would require. In our environment, we had
been using a different 3rd party vendor to interface to our database.
I've also been a long time C/C++ software developer on both Windows and
Linux. Being a newcomer to our project, I had a bit of difficulty
trying to understand the 3rd party interface, but once I came across the
IBPP interface, I was quickly able to adapt this into our project. So
much so, that it has caught the eyes of several of our developers.
There's a handful (30 pages or so) of reference pages that come in handy
when using the IBPP package.

Good luck!!


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On 5/8/2007 at 11:32 PM stephen4css wrote:

> Hi All,
> database. At Y2K I switched to Linux, everything is now in Linux,
> C++, and the same database. The next conversion is to adopt a new
> database. I have been researching open source databases for several
> years, and of all of them Firebird seems to be the best choice for me.
> Did I miss something or is this a huge deficiency in the Firebird
> ecosystem. The (C) API does seem to relegated to 3rd or 4th class
> citizenry, generally ignored, I don't know why. Why shouldn't the
> wonderful examples in the download be usable - compileable and
> runable. Does the Firebird community want to promote greater access
> and use of this database?, then why should it be so hard to crack the
> 'C' API in Linux? In my frustration, I sadly gave up on Firebird,
> went and studied MySQL and PostgreSQL some more, only to come back for
> one more try.


Have you taken a look at This is a C++ wrapper around the
C api which makes it much easier to use. As you mentioned that your app
is now in C++, this might also be a better fit for you?



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