Subject Compile Firebird in C / Linux
Author stephen4css
Hi All,

I'm kind of an independent type and I don't like to bother the good
folks that offer help on these kinds of forums. I usually can figure
things out for myself, but this time I'm beat, I have to ask for help.
I have developed several software applications which I have sold and
supported for over 20+ years. The first versions were in SCO (how
many remember when they were the good guys?) XENIX, 'C' and a
database. At Y2K I switched to Linux, everything is now in Linux,
C++, and the same database. The next conversion is to adopt a new
database. I have been researching open source databases for several
years, and of all of them Firebird seems to be the best choice for me.

I have downloaded the latest Firebird, I have worked through the basic
functionality of GSEC and ISQL on the employee.fdb database. I have
spent hours and hours looking for all the Firebird resources
available. I have downloaded, printed, and read most of the
Borland/Inprise documentation including:
API Guide 240 pages
API Reference Guide 200 pages
SQL Embedded Guide 190 pages
Working With Blob Data 100 pages

I purchased and studied relevant sections of Helen Borrie's book "The
Firebird Book".
I have thoroughly explored web site.
I have read through most, if not all the documentation that come with
the Firebird download.
I searched, 'compile examples' on the support forum, read and read but
no relief.

Over the last year I have probably spent well over 100 hours
familiarizing my self with Firebird and related issues. Much of this
time I was looking for one main thing, the "Hello World", 'C' API
example that would run in Linux. You know what I mean? That 'most
basic example' of a program that would compile and run.

The download comes with some wonderful code snippets and examples, but
nowhere, did I find either a fully compileable example or clear
instructions on how to do such in a current Linux.

Did I miss something or is this a huge deficiency in the Firebird
ecosystem. The (C) API does seem to relegated to 3rd or 4th class
citizenry, generally ignored, I don't know why. Why shouldn't the
wonderful examples in the download be usable - compileable and
runable. Does the Firebird community want to promote greater access
and use of this database?, then why should it be so hard to crack the
'C' API in Linux? In my frustration, I sadly gave up on Firebird,
went and studied MySQL and PostgreSQL some more, only to come back for
one more try.

I know many of you overworked volunteers may take a little offense at
this criticism, but couldn't someone write up just one page of
instructions to go with the download. As I get more familiar with the
whole operation I would be willing to help.

My wish list:
1. One page of instructions (it may literally be one line) on how to
compile to executable in a current Linux (mine is SUSE 10.2).
2. A 'Hello World" example using the employee.fdb example database.
3. A single command (make/configure) that would compile all the
download example code to executable (in Linux).

For now, could someone please show me (anywhere on the web) or give me
any of the above (even quick and dirty). It would be much appreciated.