Subject Re: FB upgrade advice (esp. Client DLL)
Author Adam
> One time the considered advice seemed to be that always keep your
> client DLL version in synch with the Server - DB corruption could
> potentially result otherwise.

I am not sure about that point. Certainly if msg files got mismatched,
you could get incorrect error messages that could cause your support
desk some grief chasing up the wrong tree, but my understanding is
that the library was designed to be backwards compatible.

> My problem is that I have to update 1 legacy site (from v1.52 to v1.53
> initially) - 70 users over 2 locations. The network manager keeps his
> network very 'locked down' and he says he will have to go around all
> 70 machines, log on as administrator and update the clients. I'm aware
> there are other ways of doing this but he has his reasons...
> Q's:
> 1. Is it ok to ugrade the server to v1.53 and leave the clients?

My Q: Why 1.5.3 and not 1.5.4? I mean if you are going to the trouble
you seem to be going through, it would make sense to go to the latest
in the 1.5.x series.

1.5.3 and .4 are maintenance releases, designed to fix bugs. I don't
imagine there would be any significant differences in the client
library. You may want to check the release notes to see what was fixed
in these incremental versions.

> 2. I'll be going go v2 when prudent to do so, any actions to take now
> or do differently when that time comes?

Test your queries against the v2 database engine. It is more strict on