Subject FB upgrade advice (esp. Client DLL)
Author Tom Conlon
Hi All,

I'm not clear on the above and anyone that can give me any 'definitive
answers' then much appreciated.

One time the considered advice seemed to be that always keep your
client DLL version in synch with the Server - DB corruption could
potentially result otherwise.

However, some time recently a post stated that the newer client DLL
should be backwardly compatible.

My problem is that I have to update 1 legacy site (from v1.52 to v1.53
initially) - 70 users over 2 locations. The network manager keeps his
network very 'locked down' and he says he will have to go around all
70 machines, log on as administrator and update the clients. I'm aware
there are other ways of doing this but he has his reasons...

1. Is it ok to ugrade the server to v1.53 and leave the clients?
2. I'll be going go v2 when prudent to do so, any actions to take now
or do differently when that time comes?