Subject Re: FB upgrade advice (esp. Client DLL)
Author Tom Conlon
--- In, "Adam" <s3057043@...> wrote:
> > One time the considered advice seemed to be that always keep your
> > client DLL version in synch with the Server - DB corruption could
> > potentially result otherwise.
> I am not sure about that point. Certainly if msg files got mismatched,
> you could get incorrect error messages that could cause your support
> desk some grief chasing up the wrong tree, but my understanding is
> that the library was designed to be backwards compatible.
> My Q: Why 1.5.3 and not 1.5.4? I mean if you are going to the trouble
> you seem to be going through, it would make sense to go to the latest
> in the 1.5.x series.

We're running v1.5.3 happilly and very recently installed v1.5.4 into
one site.

Whether it was related or not is unclear, but reports of an additional
spurious insertion cropped up when adding a key record. At the same
time a newsgroup post appeared pointing to a v1.5.4 index issue - so
we went back to v1.5.3 for safety.

Plus when we next move we want to move to v2.x