Subject Re: Binary representation without parameters
Author Ritchie Annand
> if (*string != '"' && *string != '\'') ...
> (Actually, I don't know why there's a backslash case there...

Woops/duh. '\'' is an escaped apostrophe, not a backslash. I must have
been staring so hard that I broke something ;)

BTW, thank you for the detailed response, Helen. I can get directly to
and from the binary data no problem through the layer I'm using
(basically a light layer just on top of the Firebird API).

What I *might* do instead of flailing about as I have for a solution
WITHIN Firebird is perhaps learn how to create a UDF. If I can code
together a UDF that would take
GuidToBinary('{FBD6192F-D326-4BCC-BF31-372C1EBD1D6E}') and have that
return a value that Firebird would preserve, then that would suit my
purposes perfectly.

Time to go learn how to code an Interbase UDF :)

-- Ritchie