Subject Re: FBv1.53 customer moved to Win2003 server = big slowdown
Author Adam
--- In, "tickerboo2002" <egroup@...>
> > It's a shame to have four cores on the server, and only use one of
> > Try classic.
> Aye, but surely that's not the problem. Under normal operation I
> doubt the three oeprators would notice a difference ot be honest.
> I remember reading a little while ago that SBS2003 only recognised 2
> cores. Fact or fiction?


I am a bit confused about your setup there. Are they physically
sitting at the console, or are they logged in using Remote Desktop?
Obviously a lot of things have changed between your old environment,
so you will be lucky if you find a solution in 10 seconds.

The usual culprits on 2003 server are:

Volume Shadow Copy
Switching from local protocol and TCP/IP loopback for use in terminal
services / remote desktop.

You also have hardware differences to factor in as with any new server
- network cards, RAIDS busy building their shadow etc. Sometimes
techos go for broke and install every anti-spyware and anti-virus
package known to man on a new server.

You will need to actually take a look at the server when it is going
slow. Is it CPU bound, Disk bound, network bound? That should point to
the solution.

I am not aware of any SMP limitations in SBS, we mainly use the full
server (R2), and that quite happily works with 8 cores running classic.

I would also try a backup-restore cycle which removes all garbage and
rebalances all your indices.