Subject Re: FBv1.53 customer moved to Win2003 server = big slowdown
Author tickerboo2002
> Have you considered a possible network problem?
> We have run into situations where network cards and switches don't
> always get along. Which results in network performance which is much,
> much worse than 10 Mb/s
> A simple test we use is to time the transfer of a file from WS #1 to
> Server #1 and compare it to WS #1 to Server #2 -- all things being equal
> (relatively) equal, the timings should be comparable.
> The solution has been to set the link speed and duplex settings
> manually, rather than using the "Auto Detect" feature.

Thanks, that's worth a try, I'll give it a go later today.

Some of the queries return less than 5kb of data, yet they're waiting
for 10sec+ I can imagine they would have noticed speeds that slow
during normal day-to-day usage. Wouldn't they?

What about if the server had multiple network ports. Which one would
fb listen on? Is it an all or nothing if it's listening on the wrong
IP on the server? What about if two PC's on the network have the same
IP address?

They tell my app which server to connect to by setting a registry
entry and I've seen that they use server names rather than IP
addresses. Could there be dns issues, or once the connection is made,
is that it?

He is still running his old server and he did say some of his email is
going to the old server, so something ain't quite right.

Thanks for your help