Subject FBv1.53 customer moved to Win2003 server = big slowdown
Author tickerboo2002
A customer has moved server from an XP machine to a a super-duper
Win2003 PC and is experiencing big query slow downs.


Win2003 R2, two dual core Xeons, 4GB ram, database installed on a raid
5 disk array.

Running FBv1.53 SS as a service+guardian.
CPU Affinity=1.
No virus checker running
1 database (.fdb ext) around 35MB in size.

The local protocol doesn't work, I need to add "localhost" to all
gbak/gsec usage.

The users (3 of them) are experiencing a slowdown when when moving
from screen to screen (which fires off queries). These queries
previously had sub-second response times on the XP PC, but now take
anywhere between 10-60 seconds depending on the query.

At first, it seemed as though there were no indexes, so I performed a
back-up and restore (that does rebuild the indexes doesn't it?). No

Any further suggestions?