Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: FBv1.53 customer moved to Win2003 server = big slowdown
Author Leyne, Sean

> That's what I thought. They are definitely running SS ("fbserver
> > Are you running your app under Terminal Services?
> Not that I know of, they're normal XP Pro clients.

Have you considered a possible network problem?

We have run into situations where network cards and switches don't
always get along. Which results in network performance which is much,
much worse than 10 Mb/s

A simple test we use is to time the transfer of a file from WS #1 to
Server #1 and compare it to WS #1 to Server #2 -- all things being equal
(relatively) equal, the timings should be comparable.

The solution has been to set the link speed and duplex settings
manually, rather than using the "Auto Detect" feature.