Subject Re: Firebird Problems with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Author Qeygh
--- In, Mikalai Arapau <swrus@...> wrote:
> Hello Craig,
> Could you share your workarounds? Thanks

Actually it was pretty easy. I just listed the current post-install script (it's in the installer at
"Contents/Resources/postinstall") and manually entered the dscl(1) equivalents of each of the
niutil commands (in a root shell). The dscl(1) man page shows how to format the

As to the set-uid root issue. I just removed the set-uid bit from my program and wrote a
shell script to start it that ran as root. Since the program was run by root it got the privileges
it needed but as it was not, itself, set-uid it avoided the relative rpath issue.

Hope this helps,