Subject Firebird Problems with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Author Qeygh
I have found two issues with the Firebird (Super Server) 2.0.1 when running under Leopard.

1) The installer's post-install script uses niutil which no longer exists. The script should use dscl instead.

2) The Firebird framework has an embedded relative rpath that causes problems for my set-uid program:

dyld: Library not loaded: Firebird.framework/Versions/A/Firebird
Referenced from: /Users/optix/bin/oas
Reason: unsafe use of relative rpath Firebird.framework/Versions/A/Firebird in /Users/optix/bin/oas with setuid binary

I have found a work-around for each of these issues but wanted to make the developers aware of them.

Craig A.