Subject a proper New Group?
Author Randall Sell
Hi all,

I tried to setup my news reader to some "atkins" news server which as far as I can tell, doesn't exist. Thie link is:

Is there a proper news server setup. I am not a big fan of the lists approach.

But, while I wait to hear back on that, I have a question about creating other DB users (using FB SuperServer 2.0.3)

I've created a very basic DB, it has only 2 table, no views or triggers, etc. I can work with the DB fine as sysdba. I then went and created a user "x" with pw "x" and tried to login (Using EMS SQL MNager 2005). The "test connection" button says it is OK, but when I try and actually login I get an error. something about "DB shutdown" or "Operation Aborted" but I don't understand what other permissisions I need to grant. I've done a "grant all" for my 2 tables.

what am I missing?


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