Subject Does GBAK use temp folder?
Author Bob Murdoch
I have a 61GB database on FB 1.5 Classic on a Win2k3 Server. Every
night, we run a backup and restore of this database on a seperate
server. The last few nights the backup has failed after about five
hours, with an error in the backup log stating " gbak: ERROR: free
disk space exhausted".

The DB server has 80GB free space, the backup server has 170GB free on
the data drive, and 6GB free on the operating system drive. The only
thing I can think of is that gbak is using the operating system drive
for temp space. However, this backup/restore process has run
successfully for the past six months, so I'm not sure why it would
start happening now.

Any clue what could cause an out of disk space error during backup?


Bob M..