Subject shutdown a single database at a server with many databases
Author michael.eriksen
Hey all,

Is there anyone who can tell me how to shutdown a single database
for a while. I need to force a shutdown, so I can handle an
updatejob which among other jobs include referentiel integrity for
tables (this task needs unique access!). At the server there exists
many other databases which must be kept alive.

So only one database needs to be handled by a forced shutdown
command by an my update.exe program, which calls different script-

I have tried to use this command: "gfix -shut -force 2 -user
{username} -password {db password} {dbname}". This command only
works if I allready have started a program with an access to the
given database - the program canø't run anymore. But the other thing
I need to do is to prevent new programs starting up while I an doing
the updatejob.

So the question, that I hope someone can give me an answer at is:
How to force a shutdown at a single database among others for a
while so I in the meantime can do all my updating stuff?

Thanks for any advice,