Subject RE: [firebird-support] shutdown a single database at a server with many databases
Author Alan McDonald
> Hey all,
> Is there anyone who can tell me how to shutdown a single database
> for a while. I need to force a shutdown, so I can handle an
> updatejob which among other jobs include referentiel integrity for
> tables (this task needs unique access!). At the server there exists
> many other databases which must be kept alive.
> So only one database needs to be handled by a forced shutdown
> command by an my update.exe program, which calls different script-
> files.
> I have tried to use this command: "gfix -shut -force 2 -user
> {username} -password {db password} {dbname}". This command only
> works if I allready have started a program with an access to the
> given database - the program canø't run anymore. But the other thing
> I need to do is to prevent new programs starting up while I an doing
> the updatejob.
> So the question, that I hope someone can give me an answer at is:
> How to force a shutdown at a single database among others for a
> while so I in the meantime can do all my updating stuff?
> Thanks for any advice,
> Michael.

are all your users SYSDBA by any chance?
if so, then shutdown will not work. Shutdown only works against non-SYSDBA
users, it then allows SYSDBA to do its thing and to then bring it back