Subject Re: [firebird-support] Repost: IBSQLMonitor with FireBird RC4
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:13 PM 22/08/2006, you wrote:
>My apologise if this is delivered twice, it was unclear if the first
>attempt went thru ok. Below
>is my original post...

It came through and has even been answered.

>I am trying to get the IBX SQL Monitor working, although I've never
>used it before. I am guessing
>one of two things is causing it to not work (OnSQL never fires)
>1) I have changed my defualt port fro 3050 to 30503
>2) I am using FireBird and hence GDS32.DLL rather then FBClient.DLL
>since it is usng IBX

Well, the information here is ambiguous. Regarding 1), your database
component needs to know the port, which it can do in one of a number
of ways. You need to read up on this in the v.1.5.3 release notes if
you're not clear about it.

However, regarding 2), if you mean that you're using some gds32.dll
from some Borland distribution as a substitute for fbclient.dll, then
you *are* likely to bump into problems. If you mean that you used
instclient.exe, or took the option during the Win Installer
installation, to generate a Borland-compatible version of
fbclient.dll, named gds32.dll and written to your system32 directory,
then you won't encounter problems with a properly configured
alternative port setup.

>Does anyone know if what I am doing has now beocme "out of bounds"
>in terms of IB/Firebird compatability?

There is no theoretical reason why this should be the case, provided
you are using the correct client library.

>I should also mention that the FireBird server itself is on a
>differnet PC and NOT my development PC.

Fine, this *is* client/server software, after all.

1. Make sure you do have the right client library in system32. This
will be easy to check by inspecting the property sheet of the
gds32.dll library that your application is loading.

2. Use a proper way to configure or access the changed broadcast
port. It would help heaps if you explained what you have already
done in this respect.

3. Don't forget to set on the TraceFlags property of your database
component, otherwise the monitor will be inactive.

4. And (probably silly) make sure you have set up something in your
app to accept the output from the monitor, e.g. a TMemo.

5. Then, with all those things attended to, if the component still
doesn't work then it is possible that you have discovered a way in
which IBX and Firebird 2.0 are not compatible any more. When you're
testing a beta version (as you are) it's going to be interesting to
someone if that's what it turns out to be.