Subject Re: Problem when starting the FB service on Win2003
Author Adam
> > Sounds like a hardware issue / OS reinstall scenario.
> >

If it is a hardware issue then a reinstall won't help things. If it
is a software configuration error then a reinstall may help.
Similarly if it is a software configuration corruption due to a
hardware issue, a reinstall may help .... until next time the
hardware plays its games.

> But I am not the admin of this machine, and like to know if someone
> experienced something similar.

Is it a dedicated box for Firebird or is Firebird one of many
hundreds of things installed?

The issue appears to be that something is happenning at a lower level
than Firebird, he says as the TCP stack sheepishly glances away to
avoid eye contact. I would broaden your search a little to see if
other software packages that rely on the TCP stack have documented a
similar issue.

For the interim, I would do whatever you need to do to get your
customers happy, install a linux box or whatever. About 60% of our
installed base are running win2003 servers in some configuration or
another, and I am yet to have such an issue reported to me. Sorry I
can't be of more help.