Subject GBAK Restore hangs Firebird 1.5 before finishing and going home
Author davidrevill69
We have been trying to run an automatic restore of our Firebird
Database using a batch file run as a scheduled task on a Win2003
server.With verbose output redirected to a file the restore runs until
just before the 'Finishing and going home message'.

At this point FBserver becomes unresponsive (0% CPU in Task manager),
the guardian will not terminate it and it cannot be stopped in the
service control window. The only recovery is to kill the process in the
task manager.

The database appears to have restored ok, but I do not want to trust it.

This operation has been running on other Win2003 servers for several
years, and will run on another apparently identical win2003 server
using exactly the same backup file.

Has anyone any clues as to the cause ?