Subject Re: Problem with Firebird over Internet
Author davidrevill69
The problem is because of the way the Internet works. It is very good
at transfering large blocks of data, but there is a delay between
messages being transferred from the client to the server as it passes
through the servers on the internet. This means that 100 individual
messages of 1K will take much longer than 1 of 100K.

To read even a small amount of data from a single table, your
application will be sending several messages and waiting for the
response from each before sending the next. This makes it slow.

We have applications which were written for a LAN which do run over
the internet, but we only use them in an emergency and have gone to a
multi tiered approach for applications which must run over the
internet all the time

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> > Hello.
> >
> > I have an application which connects to a Firebird Server over
> This is
> > very fast and everything works.
> > Now I tried to connect this application to my Firebird Server
over the
> > Internet. Now this is very slow an the application freezes often
> > refreshing Data or executing a Query.
> > In my connection statisitk I can see, that my Internetconnection
is not
> used
> > that much. So this is not the bottleneck.
> > I also tried ZeBeDee but this doen't impove the speed a lot.
> >
> > Now what is the reason that Firebird is that slow over the
Internet ?
> >
> > Thanks for your Help !
> > Matthias Feist
> >
> >
> > PS: I'm using the current ZEOS version to connect to Fireird.
> >
> I think multi-tiered can be sovled this problem, since it's also
> based on this problem.
> I've used dial line with 9.6K to test my app, there are no problem.
> Montri.