Subject Re: GBAK Restore hangs Firebird 1.5 before finishing and going home
Author davidrevill69
I am not sure if this topic got posted as I recived an email error

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> We have been trying to run an automatic restore of our Firebird
> Database using a batch file run as a scheduled task on a Win2003
> server.With verbose output redirected to a file the restore runs
> just before the 'Finishing and going home message'.
> At this point FBserver becomes unresponsive (0% CPU in Task
> the guardian will not terminate it and it cannot be stopped in the
> service control window. The only recovery is to kill the process in
> task manager.
> The database appears to have restored ok, but I do not want to
trust it.
> This operation has been running on other Win2003 servers for
> years, and will run on another apparently identical win2003 server
> using exactly the same backup file.
> Has anyone any clues as to the cause ?