Subject Re: [firebird-support] Please help to trouble shoot v2.0 crash
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Just a few questions to clarify the error:

Does your program work with Firebird 1.5? (if your program works with a
stable release, that increases the chances that this is something that
could be due to Firebird 2.0RC3).

What happens if you reverse the order, i.e. get the generator before you
get the timestamp? (the theory being that maybe it has something to do
with how you call your sql, so that it fails on the second call rather
than a call to a generator - or that it is something in
getexacttimestamp that only 'delays' the failure).

Have you backed up and restored your database and is the error
repeatable on different machines? (just to ascertain that there is no
problem with the file or system).

Also, what does 'bomb' mean? Is it your application that terminates or
Firebird itself?

I know nothing about ODBC drivers, is the ODBC driver supposed to work
with Firebird 2.0? At one point I think generators became BIGINT in
dialect 3 databases (I don't know whether it was in Firebird 1.x or 2.0,
the release notes for Firebird 2.0 doesn't mention it as a new feature -
at least not when searching for 'generator'), and if the ODBC driver
doesn't handle that, that would be a plausible reason.


chrisacron wrote:
> Hi All
> I'm getting an intermittent crash with v2.0RC3. I use the ODBC driver
> v1.03.00.96. The app runs on Windows XP and the server is Linux SS
> (running on a Centos based distribution: SME v7.0)
> Here's what happens:
> My apP starts and connects to the databse - OK
> It issues quite a few selects statements to get user info and the data
> for the first screen - also OK: the data displays.
> I have a generic procedure that generates a unique ID for each new row
> and it does rhe following:
> Gets the time & date from the server (SELECT CAST(GETEXACTTIMESTAMP()
> AS CHAR(24)) FROM rdb$database) - this is OK.
> Then it gets the next value for a generator (current value is around
> 665000): select GEN_ID(SERVERROW, 1) from rdb$database (I have also
> tried: select NEXT VALUE FOR SERVERROW from rdb$database)
> This is where it bombs - but not every time (but ALWAYS to the call to
> the generator).
> I get a cannot connect to host error in my app. In the server's log I
> get the following:
> greenroof1 (Client) Sun Aug 13 21:06:42 2006
> /opt/fb20ss/bin/fbguard: bin/fbserver terminated abnormally (-1)
> greenroof1 (Client) Sun Aug 13 21:06:42 2006
> /opt/fb20ss/bin/fbguard: guardian starting bin/fbserver
> I would like to track tit down so that I can log an intelligent bug
> with the dev team. Unfortunately I do not know what to do next. Can
> someone tell me what logs, debugs etc I need to run/generate to get a
> feeling for where the problem comes from?
> I have checked with the sysinternals tools, it is defintely the
> correct client library that loads.
> The problem could be my machine and its set-up, the ODBC driver, the
> client library or the FB core. I would like to give a better
> indication tha this to the dev team, if at all possible.
> Any ideas/suggestions please?
> Regards
> Chris Laurie