Subject Please help to trouble shoot v2.0 crash
Author chrisacron
Hi All

I'm getting an intermittent crash with v2.0RC3. I use the ODBC driver
v1.03.00.96. The app runs on Windows XP and the server is Linux SS
(running on a Centos based distribution: SME v7.0)

Here's what happens:

My apP starts and connects to the databse - OK
It issues quite a few selects statements to get user info and the data
for the first screen - also OK: the data displays.

I have a generic procedure that generates a unique ID for each new row
and it does rhe following:

Gets the time & date from the server (SELECT CAST(GETEXACTTIMESTAMP()
AS CHAR(24)) FROM rdb$database) - this is OK.

Then it gets the next value for a generator (current value is around
665000): select GEN_ID(SERVERROW, 1) from rdb$database (I have also
tried: select NEXT VALUE FOR SERVERROW from rdb$database)

This is where it bombs - but not every time (but ALWAYS to the call to
the generator).

I get a cannot connect to host error in my app. In the server's log I
get the following:

greenroof1 (Client) Sun Aug 13 21:06:42 2006
/opt/fb20ss/bin/fbguard: bin/fbserver terminated abnormally (-1)

greenroof1 (Client) Sun Aug 13 21:06:42 2006
/opt/fb20ss/bin/fbguard: guardian starting bin/fbserver

I would like to track tit down so that I can log an intelligent bug
with the dev team. Unfortunately I do not know what to do next. Can
someone tell me what logs, debugs etc I need to run/generate to get a
feeling for where the problem comes from?

I have checked with the sysinternals tools, it is defintely the
correct client library that loads.

The problem could be my machine and its set-up, the ODBC driver, the
client library or the FB core. I would like to give a better
indication tha this to the dev team, if at all possible.

Any ideas/suggestions please?


Chris Laurie