Subject Issues with GFIX on Firebird 2.0 RC2
Author Mike
Hello everyone. I am running Firebird 2.0 RC2 (NPTL version) on Linux
Suse. Lately I have corrupted the database (still dont know how) and am
getting message of the type : page ### wrong type, expected 5
encountered 4. Now I am trying to fix the database using GFIX with
switches -v and -mend. The problem that I get is this. When I run GFIX
it starts out fine, the process begins and harddrives begin spinnig, but
after some time (15 - 20 min) I get this message. "Unable to complete
network request to host "localhost" Error reading data from connection.
The server was still running. I changes the permissions on the corrupted
database to make sure GFIX had exclusive access and I was doing this
when no one was using database ( its a development database, and i was
doing it after hours )

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