Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Strange Firebird Connectivity Problem
Author t.s.
> The server was listening to port 3051 instead of the default 3050
> (for a reason you should find out before breaking anything). Your
> application can tell the client library which port to use. If it
> doesn't, it will assume the default.
Yes. This is my understanding so far.

> The syntax is
> [ServerHostName][/Port]:[PathOrAlias]
> eg
> MyServer/3051:MyDB
> The port is only required if it is something other than 3050
Thank you for the reminder.

> Out of curiousity, why does the database server need to be installed
> on the workstations? All you need for a client install is the client
> library (fbclient or gds32) and a few dlls (don't quote me, but from
> memory msvcrt.dll and msvcp60.dll) in the same folder as your
> application.
> A workstation doesn't need a firebird.conf (unless it is the server).
Um... probably the earlier explanation was a bit unclear.
Let me try again:
- There are five machines on the network: A, B, C, D, E.
- A is where i installed Firebird Server.
- On B, C, D, and E, i installed my client app which consists of
only two files : my EXE and FBCLIENT.dll.
- B, C, D works without problem, but E would not connect to A.
- Found out that someone installed (a program that uses) Firebird to E,
and that the firebird.conf on E is set to use nonstandard port number.
- Overriding (or returning the RemoteServicePort value to the default)
fixed the problem. My app can now connect to A from E. But apparently
this breaks the existing (third party, i don't know the details)
application installed on E.