Subject Re: schedule backup
Author Adam
--- In, "cbll_lam" <cbll_lam@...>
> Thank you all for help.
> I think using external program to call gbak have to disclose
> userid/password. I might consider calling gbak directly within my
> application program.
> regards,
> bill

You don't need a password to hack the database if you have file
system access to the database file, so that can't be your concern.

You can use file system permissions to not grant read access to
the batch file to anyone other than the administrator (you must
already trust them because they have access to the database file

You can of course run a backup from within your application, there is
even a services API which allows you to request the server take a
backup on your behalf. How this is done depends on your development
tools and components, but it allows you to remotely trigger a backup.