Subject Re: Strange Firebird Connectivity Problem
Author Adam
--- In, "t.s." <truesaint@...> wrote:
> Dear group,
> Last weekend i encountered a strange problem in one of my friend's
> office network. I went there to install firebird on the server and a
> demo application. Everything went fine except for this one
> at the manager's office. Seems that the application cannot connect
> the database server. Ping and telnet seems to work, and there's no
> problem with the firewall, so i was confused for a while.
> I poked around in the machine, and to my surprise, the machine has
> firebird (windows xp, firebird 1.5.2.x, superserver) installed.
> Apparently the manager installed some boxed-set software that uses
> firebird. More poking around revealed that the firebird installed
> that machine has this line in the firebird.conf file:
> ...
> RemoteServicePort = 3051
> ...
> It was a bit strange since i thought that this setting affect how
> computers connect to this machine, not how this machine connect to
> servers....
> Anyway, removing this line or setting it back to the default of 3050
> "fixed" the problem, in the sense that my app could connect to the
> server. Obviously the 'other' app stopped working at this point :).
> Is there a way to make both programs work at the same time ?
> Does this mean i need to explicitly specify port numbers in
> strings?
> Thanks in advance,
> t.s.

The server was listening to port 3051 instead of the default 3050
(for a reason you should find out before breaking anything). Your
application can tell the client library which port to use. If it
doesn't, it will assume the default.

The syntax is




The port is only required if it is something other than 3050

Out of curiousity, why does the database server need to be installed
on the workstations? All you need for a client install is the client
library (fbclient or gds32) and a few dlls (don't quote me, but from
memory msvcrt.dll and msvcp60.dll) in the same folder as your

A workstation doesn't need a firebird.conf (unless it is the server).