Subject Re: How can I enter a BLOB SUB_TYPE TEXT of more than 32K
Author Jean-Louis Dehoux
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> Exceeding the byte-length limit for the string type.
> Permitting the passing of a string to a text blob was a Firebird
> innovation - the DSQL parser at the server side encodes a valid
> string as blob using an algorithm similar to the UDF StringToBlob().
> It is handy if you are storing relatively short pieces of
> text. However, blobs are designed to be of unlimited size. So, if
> your applications potentially will store text data longer than the
> byte limit of string, then you should pass them as blobs. It's not
> something you can do interactively - the API provides a specialised
> structure for blobs. Most interface layers have methods for
> converting client-side data structures to blobs and passing (or
> streaming) a blob object across the interface.
> Note also that the limit is in bytes, not characters. So if, for
> example, your blob data is unicode or some other multi-byte character
> set, the length limit in characters is reduced arithmetically. 32767
> bytes of unicode_fss data is 10,922 characters.
> Also to note is that passing huge strings as strings is not
> ./heLen

I am using Firebird and FlameRobin 0.7.2
Anywhere I could find more info on how to do this correctly?