Subject Re: Slow computer startup due to firebird db, can this be improved?
Author Adam
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> Configuration
> =============
> I have an application using Firebird 1.5 database on Windows XP.
> Firebird is installed with default options.
> Application is a Delphi program.
> Program has 10 connections to the database and is the only program
> using the database.
> The computer is an IBM desktop computer with a 2.8 GHz P4 processor.
> Problem
> =======
> The application has been running for 9 months and the database is
> 870mb. The user has complained that the PC is very slow to startup and
> the way to improve this is by running a defrag. The defrag is done on
> a monthly basis at the moment. The customer has determine that it is
> the gdb file that is causing the defragmentation.
> Questions
> =========
> Are there any parameters that I can or should change on the Firebird
> database to improve performance under these conditions?
> If so what program do I need to use to modify the parameters?
> Should I tell the customer to defrag every day or week?
> Should I change the datbase file extension from .gdb to .fdb?
> Thank you for your time.
> Best regards,
> Paul Hectors

Do not defrag a firebird database file. If your customer is using
NTFS, then defrag is largely a waste of time. Your problem is a
combination of your OS System Restore feature and your file extension
that falsly triggers it.

Just rename it to fdb and be done.

More info, otherwork arounds + link to relevant MS KB.