Subject Re: [firebird-support] Zebedee, Firebird, and Dynamic DNS
Author Artur Anjos
Joe Martinez wrote:
> I don't think that the "ping" idea will make a difference because
> they were getting disconnected when there was plenty of successful
> activity right before the disconnect.
This really can make a difference: it keeps the internet connection up.
The difference is that simple: with zebedee the connection is made to
localhost, so a keepalive packet (maybe) will not be transfered over the
wire, no network traffic will occurred, so the connection could be lost.
Changing your application to query something from the server from time
to time will be the same thing.
The question is not the total of activity: is the total time of inactivity.

I have daily more than 15 users always connected with ZeBeDee, from 9h
to 18h, without any break: I don't remember when I went into this
solution, but maybe 2 or 3 years. My company provides Firebird hosting
with ZeBeDee, and I check the logs to pick the same error that you have,
and I didn't find nothing on the 2 weeks. I really think that it's
something related to the client, not the server.
> Any other ideas? Is there another solution that would speed up their
> performance besides ZeBeDee that may be more "tolerant"?
I checked ZeBeDee docs, and there is no way to put a timeout on the
connection, so that's not the problem.

Did you check the client logs? The server log states that the client
closed the connection...