Subject RE: [firebird-support] Zebedee, Firebird, and Dynamic DNS
Author Alan McDonald
> Ok, I just had the customer try switching back to a direct connection
> to Firebird instead of using ZeBeDee. It's been two full days, and
> not a single disconnect. So, it's definitely ZeBeDee that is causing
> the disconnects. I don't have any of the timeouts activated in
> Zebedee on either the server or the client (I posted the config files
> a couple days ago), so I can't think of anything else to configure
> differently in ZeBeDee.
> The customer is happy that they're not getting the disconnects, but
> really needs the speed back that they were getting with ZeBeDee.
> I don't think that the "ping" idea will make a difference because
> they were getting disconnected when there was plenty of successful
> activity right before the disconnect.
> Any other ideas? Is there another solution that would speed up their
> performance besides ZeBeDee that may be more "tolerant"?
> -Joe

these are my zpd files - I have never had disconnects. try the redirect
lines as shown - your client has redirect none whereas mine is at the server
# Config file to use on a Server running Firebird & ZeBeDee
verbosity 2 # Message type
server true # Server Mode
detached true # Free from console
udpmode false # we don't need UDP
logfile 'c:\program files\zebedee\zbdserver.log' # I love log files
keygenlevel 2 # Key level
redirect none # Close all redirection ports
redirect 3051 # Firebird default port
targethost localhost # target is on the same machine
compression zlib:9 # maximum zlib compression
keylength 256 # 256 bits keys
keylifetime 36000 # share keys last for 10 hours
maxbufsize 16383 # Maximum buffer length

# Config File - Client
verbosity 2 # Basic messages only
server false # Client
logfile 'c:\program files\zebedee\zebedeeclient.log' # I love log files
tunnel 3053:myipaddress:3050