Subject Re: [firebird-support] Important and Urgent question in a change in our Server
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:26 AM 14/06/2006, you wrote:

>We will change tonight (in two hours) from a Fb Super Server v1.5 to
>a Fb Clasic Server v 1.5.
>I have a question for this procedure.
>I will BackUp Fb Dbs, copy these files to a secure location,
>reinstall Linux with SMS Support on the server(we have a P4 HT
>procesor, and for now with Super Server we are using the Server
>without HT enable).
>Then install in the new Linux SMS the Fb Clasic Server v1.5.
>And last restore the Dbs.
>My question is
>These dbs are used in FB superserver version.
>Shoud I do something before restore the dbs to the new arquitecture
>(Clasic Server).
>I suppose not, but i didnĀ“t check it.

You will have to attend to the default cache
buffer size. You can use the -b <nn> switch on
the restore to do this, where <nn> is the number
of pages. For a page size of 4 K, a number
between 75 and 200 would be a reasonable place to
start. It depends on the RAM available and the
number of concurrent users. Start low if there
will be a lot of users or the page size is
larger. You can adjust it later using gfix if necessary.